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Classic College Football Programs with Character

Dec 10th, 2013 | Categories: History, Jake Gallagher, Sport | by Jake Gallagher

College81 College80

As the college football season comes to a close, so too does the Bowl Championship Series era. With a freshly minted playoff system kicking off next year, college football will undergo its first major change in decades, a move that will no doubt garner its fair share of proponents and detractors alike. As college football drives onward into this new era, it’s worth looking back at the sports early years, when everything was smaller and just simpler.

Though, simple hardly means that the game was lacking in substance. Back in the early twentieth century there were fewer teams, but the rivalries were ferocious, extending far beyond the gridiron. On the field players wore stripped down uniforms, while in the stands students and alumni dressed extravagantly in garish items like raccoon coats, large lettered sweaters, and striped suits. College Football during this era was at times quaint and at times grand, an amalgam that’s encapsulated in the hand-drawn covers on the programs that were handed out in advance of each game. -JG

College44 College1

College37 College32

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11 Comments to “Classic College Football Programs with Character”

  1. Michael Maher
    on Dec 10th, 2013
    @ 5:58 PM

    Couldn’t imagine the day when Chicago vs. Ohio State would have ever been a barn burner, even on Dad’s Day…

  2. Heath
    on Dec 10th, 2013
    @ 6:43 PM

    Great images… where can these be found at full resolution for one’s wall?

  3. George K
    on Dec 11th, 2013
    @ 12:00 AM

    Great images Michael. Regarding Michael Maher’s comment, a great article about Chicago bringing back football can be found here, .
    The Maroons! Classic.

  4. Dave
    on Dec 11th, 2013
    @ 10:32 AM

    Good job JAKE. A couple of these would look nice in a personal office.

    And, I know colleges won’t ever do this again, but this could be a good art project for high schools.

  5. jordan
    on Dec 11th, 2013
    @ 3:16 PM

    Do you know of anyone doing anything near bringing back those thick big necked letter sweaters shown in the Cal vs.Stanford Program?
    -Cardinal fan in Cali

  6. Ray Hull
    on Dec 12th, 2013
    @ 9:01 AM

    The cheek of the Dartmouth/Harvard stud in a fur coat with a pilgrim and an indian on his arms is amazing. Similarly, I cringe at my Albany, NY club’s arms which consist of a frontier fort gate scene with a Dutchman welcoming in an indian, over the motto “Gastvryheid” or literally “guest freedom.”

  7. Tyler
    on Dec 12th, 2013
    @ 11:36 AM

    The lack of Carolina Clemson ads sadden me

  8. Kenneth Glanton
    on Dec 13th, 2013
    @ 11:02 PM

    War Eagle! Great Posters, too bad current game programs are not as good as the classics

  9. MAJ Michael
    on Dec 14th, 2013
    @ 8:43 PM

    That is an awesome Milt Caniff cover for the IU/OSU game.

    Go Big Red! IU!

  10. Ryan Smith
    on Dec 16th, 2013
    @ 7:07 PM

    I’ve got a Yale/Harvard from 1960 somewhere around here.

  11. Alex
    on Dec 19th, 2013
    @ 1:19 PM

    As an Indiana bred & raised IU alumn, I can say football’s never been a strong suit. At least back in the day we lost by a respectable number… Love the poster though.