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Updated: ACL Shopping Guide to NYC.

Sep 25th, 2012 | Categories: Housekeeping | by Michael Williams

The second most popular question people ask me via email is about shopping in NYC. (The most popular email is about needed to buy a suit and not knowing where to get started). The idea for a NYC shopping map came after getting many of these frequent queries, and so in the heady days of 2008, the ACL shopping guide to NYC took a bow.

Since it has been more than four years, I finally got around to updating the maps and updated it with a host of new shopping destinations. Looking back, it is amazing to see how much the landscape has changed since I first made this list way back when. While this guide is fairly comprehensive, it should be pointed out that the map is a work in progress. If you have suggestions, please leave them in the comments and I will take them into consideration. Next up on the agenda to be updated is NYC drinking and dining, which I hope to have refreshed by next week. Until then, view the full, updated NYC shopping map here and happy hunting.

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19 Comments to “Updated: ACL Shopping Guide to NYC.”

  1. Mike S
    on Sep 25th, 2012
    @ 2:12 PM

    I’d definitely add Epaulet in there, both locations.

  2. Jay Goldberg
    on Sep 25th, 2012
    @ 2:34 PM

    How about the Bergino Baseball Clubhouse? Exclusively featuring vintage-style clothing/hat designs from Red Jacket Clothing.

  3. Nate
    on Sep 25th, 2012
    @ 2:50 PM

    ^Agreed. The most notable snub is Epaulet for sure.

  4. Mike M
    on Sep 25th, 2012
    @ 3:14 PM

    Min New York has lots of cool stuff too. Worth checking out.

  5. Susie L
    on Sep 25th, 2012
    @ 3:35 PM

    You should consider Ferris New York for the williamsburg section. Way cool custom menswear shop run by some young guys. 243 Berry St

  6. Cameron
    on Sep 25th, 2012
    @ 4:32 PM

    Another LES omission is By Robert James (74 Orchard). Unless of course you have a long-standing grievance against that place . . .

  7. Michael Williams
    on Sep 25th, 2012
    @ 4:38 PM

    I only have two long-standing grievances and they are based more in the SoHo area . . .

  8. Jim O
    on Sep 25th, 2012
    @ 4:51 PM

    When in the city visiting from MI I shop at Unis @ 365 Elizabeth

  9. Brian
    on Sep 26th, 2012
    @ 1:50 AM

    I agree that without Epaulet this list is missing a shop that hits all the right notes. Their stuff is well made, thoughtfully sourced, nicely styled and not over-priced. When compared to other places that made the list, Epaulet hits a spot they all miss.

    Stores I’d add: Etro (which, sadly, isn’t as fun to look at as it used to be); Turnbull & Asser.

  10. michael
    on Sep 26th, 2012
    @ 9:07 AM

    complete conjecture but, i would imagine if one goes to SMN for il bisonte, one might want to just go to the il bisonte boutique in the west village instead.

  11. Fto
    on Sep 26th, 2012
    @ 1:29 PM

    What’s this Pilgrim Sandwich in Brimfield.

  12. chuck
    on Sep 26th, 2012
    @ 8:00 PM

    nice add of CHCM. Pound for pound one of the best shops in the city

  13. Douglas
    on Sep 27th, 2012
    @ 1:19 PM

    Big fan of CHCM. Sweetu has a great eye for up and coming brands.

  14. Old Man Fancy
    on Sep 27th, 2012
    @ 4:23 PM

    Grand St. Bakery in Brooklyn (East Williamsburg) Super solid vintage collection.

  15. Joel
    on Sep 28th, 2012
    @ 2:41 PM

    Against Nature, solid custom and off the rack clothing. Very nice people. Simon does great custom jeans.

  16. Cameron
    on Sep 28th, 2012
    @ 5:42 PM

    The name “Etro” has always struck me as odd. Perhaps I can’t help associating it with the French word étron . . .

  17. Christophe
    on Oct 1st, 2012
    @ 6:09 AM

    hollander and lexar in Williamsburg,
    Stella Dallas 10ft single in Williamsburg
    Ale and Ange – LES on Rivington (Yaasin Bey (aka Mos Def)
    Opening Ceremony at Ace Hotel (as the other one is mentioned)
    Maison Kitsune at Nomad
    Project no. 8 on LES or at Ace Hotel
    New Balance Store where they make custom sneakers in Gramercy
    Aloha Rag on Spring and Greenwich
    Atelier on Hudson
    Dunderdon on Howard
    Saturdays (considering the other shop in WIlliamsburg was noted)

  18. Justin
    on Oct 20th, 2012
    @ 1:17 AM

    You should curate a list on the PinDrop App so you can just follow the entire list

  19. Mattias
    on Oct 20th, 2012
    @ 12:51 PM

    I Was in NY last week,
    I visited a lot of the shops you recommended.
    from Italy