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Shopping L.A. | Apolis: Common Gallery

Dec 8th, 2011 | Categories: Los Angeles, Menswear, Retail | by Michael Williams

Convincing your best friend to drive you to downtown L.A. to check out a new shop isn’t always an easy thing. As someone that lives in New York I get the aversion to “downtown” — it’s a big commitment. Similarly for me, at times it is difficult to get me to leave my twenty block bubble in downtown New York. Luckily though, my friend didn’t mind making the trip and today we got to check out the new retail arm of maker Apolis for the first time.

The new shop, dubbed Apolis: Common Gallery is a minimal men’s retail store on East 3rd Street that stocks all of the complete line from the burgeoning menswear label, along with nearly all of the brand’s many collaborations. The simple space, true to its name, also serves as a gallery to showcase the content (film and otherwise) from the company’s many sourcing and humanitarian missions all over the world.

In the Books | Pop Up Flea IV

Dec 6th, 2011 | Categories: Pop Up Flea | by Michael Williams

Another Pop Up Flea in the books — a big thanks to all that participated, either as a vendor or those that just stopped by to check things out. The event has become much more than just a chance for folks to come and buy stuff, for that my cohort Randy Goldberg and I are truly proud. Speaking of Randy, much respect to him for all of his hard work and imaginative thinking. I would be hard pressed to name another project that I have as much fun producing — so cheers to you Mr. Goldberg. Pop Up Flea sort of came together at the last minute this year due to our struggles to find a suitable space. Eventually we found the venue (thanks to Whitney for that) and it was full speed ahead. I’m glad it all worked out. Randy and I are really proud of all that has come out of people attending the flea and the vendors putting in the effort to make it all happen. My thanks to all of them and to all that came by or supported other ways.

Below are some photos from the event. Some pictures are mine, some are via Travel Well and some are from Simple Threads.

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Black Watch and Orange | London Undercover x ACL & Co.

Dec 2nd, 2011 | Categories: ACL & Co. | by Michael Williams

Last year Jamie Milestone (of London Undercover) and I first collaborated on a Black Watch plaid and orange cashmere scarf a scheme I lauded as “world’s greatest color combination.” Well, we didn’t have any intention at stopping at a simple scarf. So this year we got together and made up another collab, but one closer to London Undercover’s roots. We took the same wonderful color combo and made a limited edition London Undercover x ACL & Co. umbrella. Along the way, we’ve basically discovered that everything looks better in Black Watch and orange, this not being the exception.

More info from Mr. Milestone about our newest collaboration:

When we both met in Paris to discuss the project, we pointed out that it was in fact, our French cousins who first turned the modern Parasol into a waterproof rain umbrella. It very quickly crossed the pond and took off in London… much to the dismay of local coachmen who were doing very nicely transporting locals around in the rain. It felt fitting that we develop the umbrella in one of the oldest factories in France

Quality Goods With No Obsolescence | Pop Up Flea IV

Dec 1st, 2011 | Categories: Pop Up Flea | by Michael Williams

The time is upon us, the fourth ever Pop Up Flea is happening this weekend in New York City. We’ve got 30+ vendors participating (brand list below), all but ensuring that there’s something for everybody. To give you an idea of what to expect, we made a little video highlighting just a few of the folks you will see at the flea.

During the process of assembling the roster, my cohort Randy Goldberg and I were guided by the conviction of quality goods with no obsolescence. We think we’ve exceeded our original goal, but we’ll let you be the judge. We will be at 159 Bleecker Street Friday, Saturday and Sunday — hope to see you there.

If you can’t make it, follow the action live on the Twitters via @pop_up_flea. Music (from the video): Middle Brother “Blue Eyes” Courtesy of Partisan Records.