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Slowear | Focus on What You Know.

Aug 3rd, 2011 | Categories: Italy, Menswear | by Michael Williams

My whole life my father has done his best to drill certain lessons into me, to pass along some of his hard won knowledge to make my journey wiser and easier than his. As I started building a business he was always tell me to “focus on what you know,” a lesson that has served me well over the years. It is also a concept I subscribe to in general. To do what you do best. This concept is also something in practice at a company I have become very interested in, Slowear.

With all of my trips to Italy this year I fell in love with the set-up and execution of Slowear. To better understand the concept I pulled some info from the company website:

We believe that the only way to do something well is to have the right expertise. That’s why the four brands that make up the group – Incotex, Zanone, Glanshirt and Montedoro – are all founded on the principle of specialization.

As it Happened | Newport Folk Festival

Aug 2nd, 2011 | Categories: As it happened | by Michael Williams

This past weekend some friends and I headed up to Newport, Rhode Island (the heart-of-preppy-darkness) for the Newport Folk Festival. The long running event is held at historic Fort Adams —  which sits across the harbor, a short $5 boat ride away from town — and is as well run a festival as I have ever been to.

Newport is a great mix of WASPy rich folks dressed up in everything you’d expect them to be wearing and a the New England equivalent of people you see on Jersey Shore. The people do share a common ground though, alcohol. But that’s the town of Newport, the festival was a different sort of people all together. The folk festival is not overly crowded and everyone we came across was relaxed and polite. The stages were easy to navigate and each set-up had an intimate feeling with amazing views of the boats in the harbor. If you haven’t attended, put it on your list for next year. The highlights of the festival for me were definitely Justin Townes Earle, Mavis Staples and Middle Brother.

Some photos from the weekend are below. Everything here was shot with the Fujifilm X100. A big thanks to Johnny Beach, Josh Moore, Andrew Colvin and Justin Townes Earle for hooking everything up.

Middle Brother performing. They were the highlight of the festival.

Tunnel through Fort Adams.