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Revisiting the Oyster Bar.

Aug 20th, 2010 | Categories: Food, New York City | by Michael Williams

Grand Central Station is one of the only New York City tourist destinations that I can stomach, and I mean that literally. Tucked away in one of the giant building’s cavernous hallways is a piece of quintessential New York — the Oyster Bar. It’s a great place to kill time drinking beer while waiting for Metro North. Oyster Bar is also a great place for a solo lunch. When I want to escape for a half an hour I sit at the bar, drink a nice cold draft beer and put the hurt on some oysters or a lobster roll. L-I-V-I-N.

More photos here.

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21 Comments to “Revisiting the Oyster Bar.”

  1. Nicola
    on Aug 20th, 2010
    @ 6:01 PM

    The oysters look so good, great pictures. I have a craving for a martini and some oysters now.

  2. Paul
    on Aug 20th, 2010
    @ 7:06 PM

    Lobster roll — oh my…. that’s good!

  3. Jojoba
    on Aug 20th, 2010
    @ 7:32 PM

    I was just thinking about this place last night. Classic

  4. Tea
    on Aug 20th, 2010
    @ 8:31 PM

    Long Island Rail Road is better than Metro North!

  5. Popeye
    on Aug 20th, 2010
    @ 8:49 PM

    The best fish sandwich I ever had is the blackened bluefish sandwich – iceberg lettuce, potato chips , at momofuko ssam bar ; taste like grilled cheese .

  6. Ricola
    on Aug 20th, 2010
    @ 9:59 PM

    On my way.

  7. Mister Small
    on Aug 20th, 2010
    @ 11:19 PM

    Will check this out next time I’m there. Can’t resist a lobster roll.

  8. Ted
    on Aug 21st, 2010
    @ 1:23 AM

    My wife loves the she-crab soup.

  9. adam
    on Aug 21st, 2010
    @ 2:26 AM

    sit at the bar on a cold winter day, order a combination pan roast and a draft beer. perfection.

  10. vanderleun
    on Aug 21st, 2010
    @ 2:51 AM

    You are right on target about the Oyster Bar. One of the top 20 things I miss about New York. Ah, that Oyster Stew!

  11. JRS
    on Aug 21st, 2010
    @ 5:41 AM

    One of my favorite places in NYC. I should wear pants with an elastic waist every time I visit…

  12. Charlotte K
    on Aug 21st, 2010
    @ 9:20 AM

    Oyster pan roast!

    But I wish they’d give up that 70s graphic design for something more befitting their origins.

  13. vanderleun
    on Aug 21st, 2010
    @ 11:11 AM

    I wish you hadn’t said “Oyster Pan Roast.” Now anything I eat for a week will seem less.

    As for that 70s graphic design, I got to New York in the 70s so that look is from “their origins” as far as I’m concerned.

    How can we forget Op-Art and Super Graphics?

  14. Lenny Dunleavy
    on Aug 21st, 2010
    @ 12:35 PM

    Some of these fucking dorks need to realize graphic design isn’t ALWAYS the most important thing.

  15. Michael Williams
    on Aug 21st, 2010
    @ 12:38 PM

    Lenny — some people take graphic design very seriously and that is their thing, so don’t let it bother you. We all see the world through our own eyes and shouldn’t be concerned with the way others choose to see things. Just like what you want to like and don’t worry about what everyone else thinks.

    That is my motivation behind ACL and it seems to have worked.

  16. Abe
    on Aug 21st, 2010
    @ 1:11 PM

    don’t sleep on the clam chowder, lobster and oysters are great, but you need to be seriously balling to do that everyday. Chowder (or the above mentioned She Crab Soup) actually prices in on the lower side of most midtown lunch options. Plus the low counter is amazing, reminds me of the old Chock Full o’Nuts counters, imagine there were other places with the same set up too.

  17. Charlotte K
    on Aug 22nd, 2010
    @ 10:36 AM

    Hey vanderleun: I got to NYC in the 70s too and I didn’t like their graphics back then either! But I forgive them, because of Oyster Pan Roast.

  18. Charlotte K
    on Aug 22nd, 2010
    @ 10:38 AM

    Hey Lenny: I am not a f—ing dork, thank you, all the same. Imagine speaking of a shabby genteel middle aged lady that way. I place Oyster Pan Roast far above the graphic design. But that doesn’t mean I don’t notice.

  19. Jesse
    on Aug 24th, 2010
    @ 2:08 PM

    the lobster roll here is, imo, one of the worst in the city. check out the shrimp po-boy, the grilled tuna sandwich, the fried fish sandwich, basically anything on the lunch sandwich menu.

  20. Greg
    on Aug 24th, 2010
    @ 8:04 PM

    Some of the nastiest sea food in Manhattan. Total tourist trap.

    Only thing worth visiting this place for are some fresh shucked oysters and a pint while waiting for the train.

  21. Michael B.
    on Sep 18th, 2010
    @ 3:31 PM

    That 70s logo is the work of modernist master Rudy de Harak. Not my favorite work from him, but the attempt to make an alphabet based on the geometry of the oyster cracker is amusing.