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American Badass | Audwin P. McGee

Jul 30th, 2010 | Categories: American Badass | by Michael Williams

When I come back, I want to be Audwin Pierre McGee. I met Mr. McGee when I was down in The Shoals with Billy Reid and I can honestly say I don’t think I have ever met anyone cooler — although Billy gives him a run for his money. The fact that those two are friends, well that’s just like fishing with dynamite. In addition to being a big game hunter and artist, the man is a skilled craftsman and safari guide. He probably has twenty other job titles that I missed, he seriously is that talented. I met Audwin for the first time at an event Billy took me to in Tuscumbia. It was a chance meeting. We struck up a conversation and were fast friends. I think I could have talked to him for two weeks straight. The exchange jumped from art to interior design to hunting without skipping a beat. When does that happen? Almost never, at least for me. Eventually we started talking about the historic building we were in and as it turned out that Audwin and his wife lived right next door. I knew the place had to be cool, so I asked if he would let me check it out. Being the nice guy that he is, Audwin agreed and we wandered over drinks in hand.

McGee (right) in Mozambique.

No Sleep till Bushwick | Martin Greenfield Clothiers

Jul 29th, 2010 | Categories: Factory Tour, Made in New York, New York City, Suiting | by Michael Williams

There is really nothing like a clothing factory. And I mean clothing in the proper menswear sense of the word — suiting. It really is amazing that I haven’t visited the good people at Martin Greenfield sooner, but I never really had a good opportunity. When Tyler Thoreson and I got to talking about Gilt’s Martin Greenfield suit offering it was just the chance I was looking for. Ladies in smocks constructing jackets, sewers sitting together stitching by hand, and of course, Martin (along with his two sons) on the factory floor full of enthusiasm. Check this off my list.

You can tell this place never stops and probably hasn’t for years. (Note the GGG clock.) The floor gets layered and layered around tables and machines because there is no time to stop production and redo the worn out floor. The factory has been there so long the neighborhood went from good to bad to hipster in a blink of Martin’s eye. During their breaks, the Greenfield factory workers spill out onto the sidewalk in front of the building and mix with seemingly unemployed creative types that inhabit the post-industrial streets of Bushwick.

U.S. Military Tee Shirts from Kentucky

Jul 27th, 2010 | Categories: Made in the USA, Military | by Michael Williams

Made to exact U.S. military spec, the Campbellsville Apparel Company sells the same tees that our boys are wearing out in the field to the general public. $9 gets you a 3-pack of the 100% Combed Cotton and $12 gets you a set of the moisture wicking polyester model (which is slightly too mock-necky for all but the most necessary situations.) Respect to our friends from Cold Splinters for digging this one up. Everything is made — per Berry requirements — right in Kentucky. Get some. [Campbellsville Apparel Company]

That Summer Look…

Jul 23rd, 2010 | Categories: Men's wear, That Summer Look | by Michael Williams

The beach has been my number one priority of the summer, you know, on my attitude adjusted priorities list. So after a particularly relaxing day at the ocean I decided to document some of my preferred beach attire. Obviously, you need to consider swimming and sand, but also post-beach drinking. For this look I mostly focus on the post beach drinking part. Actually, this is everything I wear with the exception of my swimsuit. So think of this as my real life ‘That Summer Look” (just like the autumn looks I have done in the past) and use it for inspiration. If you see me at the beach chances are I’ll be wearing some variation of this. And don’t forget the sunscreen — you don’t want to literally be “crispy,” just figuratively.

(Please note that I do press for McNairy and Alexander West. That said, they didn’t pay me to wear this to the beach.)

ACL & Co. x J.Crew | Canvas Coal Bags

Jul 22nd, 2010 | Categories: ACL & Co., Collaborations | by Michael Williams

My pal Sullivan and I grabbed our bikes yesterday and took a recon mission to see my newest collaboration in store — at one of my favorite stores. Just landed at J.Crew (Liquor store, 484 Broadway, East Hampton and online) are two special canvas coal bags made under my own ACL & Co. label by old-school American maker Dandux. They make a great summer bag and will last you a lifetime. The small tote with carry strap is designed for using while biking around the city and the large coal bag is the ultimate beach bag and was a lifesaver at Brimfield. Originally designed to carry coal (hence the name), these bags are even used by the US Forest Service out West to clear trails and remove debris. [J.Crew] [ACL & Co.]

The large coal bag and small zipper bag at J.Crew 484 Broadway in NYC.

What I Saw During New York Market Week

Jul 21st, 2010 | Categories: Men's wear, New York City, Street Style, Tradeshows | by Michael Williams

The past few days have been spent running around (though actually I have been biking) looking at all of the spring 2011 clothes that have rotated over to New York. These times of the year are always fun and inspirational. It is also great to be able to see friends that have come to town from all over the world. I tried to stay focused (which was especially tough yesterday after Monday’s late night activities) and document the good stuff I found and saw. Hope you enjoy.

That's a tasty shirt from Billy Reid

Hamilton Shirt Co.

Garbstore does such a good job. I want everything from their line.

ACL Endorses | Perfecto Brand by Schott NYC

Jul 18th, 2010 | Categories: Made in the USA, Motorcycles, New York City, Outerwear | by Michael Williams

The people at Schott NYC have something nice and new coming for Spring ’11 — a little off-shoot collection of outerwear called Perfecto Brand by Schott NYC. The new goods were designed by none other than Mr. Greg Chapman, who seems to have given up Britain for the New World (at least for the time being). And not to worry Greg, if you keep designing clothes as nice as these we’ll let you stay. The initial line includes several shapes and materials, everything from the pictured Cone Mills selvedge pea coat and duffel, a rip-stop nylon parka and a small selection of leathers (a nod the the Perfecto heritage no doubt). Prices range from $400 to $1000 — everything made at the Schott NYC factory in Elizabeth, New Jersey. We’re getting an early look at this stuff, so you will have to wait until next January before you can add any of these to your closet.