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More Historical Dickies Photos

Apr 24th, 2010 | Categories: Americana | by Michael Williams

E.E. Dickie

C.N. Williamson

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7 Comments to “More Historical Dickies Photos”

  1. Jordan
    on Apr 24th, 2010
    @ 9:18 AM

    Very cool photos! I like them. The third one reminds me of the Oklahoma Cowboy Band from Ripley, Okla.

  2. Lineage of Influence
    on Apr 24th, 2010
    @ 12:46 PM

    These Dickies photo’s are fantastic. I love that original logo too, much nicer than the later one.

  3. Alex W
    on Apr 24th, 2010
    @ 4:19 PM

    Great photos! Where did you dig these up…………….

  4. Thornproof
    on Apr 24th, 2010
    @ 8:17 PM

    Excellent Photos! I may have to steal the first one of E.E. Dickie.

  5. david
    on Apr 24th, 2010
    @ 10:08 PM

    always been curious about the company…thanks for the info….your site
    just rocks !

  6. Mr Davis
    on Apr 24th, 2010
    @ 10:22 PM

    Yeah; where did you get these? Sweet

  7. Michael Williams
    on Apr 24th, 2010
    @ 10:29 PM

    Glad you all like the photos — everything is straight from Dickies.