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Summer in Fairfield County Connecticut

Apr 21st, 2010 | Categories: LIFE | by Michael Williams

Waspy people doing waspy things in Connecticut. Summer of 1948 & 1949.

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25 Comments to “Summer in Fairfield County Connecticut”

  1. Garrett
    on Apr 21st, 2010
    @ 5:19 AM

    Summer can’t come quick enough ! Great photo’s, thankyou

  2. Jake
    on Apr 21st, 2010
    @ 5:46 AM

    Good times.

  3. Paul
    on Apr 21st, 2010
    @ 8:07 AM

    Being from the area – I love these photos – and can identify with the scenes – nice work.

  4. Bruce Barber
    on Apr 21st, 2010
    @ 8:44 AM


  5. Mark Gleason
    on Apr 21st, 2010
    @ 11:13 AM

    I was raised in this area, and I’ll tell ya, things are not that different in Darien, New Canaan or Westport today.

  6. Mister Ken
    on Apr 21st, 2010
    @ 12:40 PM

    I continue to suspect I was born in the wrong era.

  7. Mitch Frank
    on Apr 21st, 2010
    @ 12:47 PM

    Love the play rehearsal, on the steps of the Country Playhouse. ‘artistic types.’

  8. Andre H
    on Apr 21st, 2010
    @ 1:23 PM

    Waspy people doing waspy things, indeed! Reality is stranger than fantasy.

  9. MM
    on Apr 21st, 2010
    @ 1:59 PM

    The third pic down is fantastic.

    The three pre-pubescents standing contrapposto doting on every word of this kid’s bs.
    The horse buying none of it.
    The girl on the left staring bitterly into the camera, making no attempt to mask her contempt for the whole situation.
    The awkward androgynous girl in the bow tie, little hand in little pocket, surveying the scene to ensure no one notices her exploring the horse’s undercarriage.

    Nice find MW.

  10. Bunny
    on Apr 21st, 2010
    @ 11:33 PM

    We were young, and, yes, privileged. Most of all though, we were white. It really was the best summer ever.

  11. lineage of influence
    on Apr 22nd, 2010
    @ 6:42 AM

    Fantastic images. Looks like a nice way to live, picture perfect.

  12. Andrea
    on Apr 22nd, 2010
    @ 2:03 PM

    That kid at the train platform is in his jammies and housecoat! (Probably staged to be “cute” for the photo.)

  13. doug
    on Apr 22nd, 2010
    @ 2:30 PM

    Is there a vehicle with more style and elegance than those wood-sided Station Wagons? And look how thin EVERYBODY in the photos is.

  14. Charles Bix
    on Apr 22nd, 2010
    @ 9:29 PM

    “Oh Marge, you love everybody.” :)

  15. Jane
    on Apr 23rd, 2010
    @ 3:01 AM

    Love these pictures. One Question? Where are the G & T’s?!

  16. Tara
    on Apr 23rd, 2010
    @ 8:39 AM

    Was everyone that beautiful in the 40′s?! Love these pictures!

  17. Steve
    on Apr 23rd, 2010
    @ 3:51 PM

    The Merrit Parkway still looks pretty much the same. Only the trees are bigger.

  18. otterarms
    on Apr 23rd, 2010
    @ 4:52 PM

    You know what they say: You have to be Aryan to be from Darien…

  19. J. M. Annunziato
    on Apr 23rd, 2010
    @ 5:17 PM

    Great Photos ! Now see here…………… How lucky I feel to have been part of those years. Woof

  20. ancyn
    on Apr 24th, 2010
    @ 6:25 PM

    Ah, to be privileged and wealthy and preppy. I missed out somehow.

  21. plaisirs simples
    on Apr 25th, 2010
    @ 11:05 AM

    i LOVE this area…great pics

  22. Ryan
    on Apr 26th, 2010
    @ 2:10 AM

    Ahh, the Nutmeg Valley…you should visit Bethel, CT.

    Every stretch of our Main Street looks like a postcard.

  23. John Pfleeger
    on Apr 27th, 2010
    @ 11:24 AM

    I can name every car at the store,
    37 Chev. pickup, 48 Chrysler conv. 49 Ford wagon, 48 Plymouth conv.

  24. andy
    on Apr 29th, 2010
    @ 11:52 AM

    ACL could post pictures of the poorest part of the US in 1949, and everyone would ooh and ah over the style of the clothes, the thinness of the people, the elegance of the impoverished too.

  25. matt
    on May 4th, 2010
    @ 12:27 PM

    a fedora and a time machine .