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Weekend Video | On Any Sunday

Mar 15th, 2009 | Categories: Video | by Michael Williams

One of the best things to ever happen to the sport (and sales) of motorcycles was the 1971 movie On Any Sunday. The film was a collaboration between movie producer Bruce Brown and actor Steve McQueen. Brown knew that McQueen was a serious motorcycle aficionado — the King of Cool often raced during his time off from movie making — and was likely to provide financing for the film even though the investment would probably never be recovered. On Any Sunday went on to become a classic film and a surprising commercial success. A few entertaining clips from the film are below. Makes me want to buy a bike and do my thing.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.2214621&w=500&h=383&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

Weekend Video | Swaine Adeney Brigg

Mar 13th, 2009 | Categories: England, Video | by Michael Williams

The English leather goods company Swaine Adeney Brigg is one of my all time favorite makers of briefcases, umbrellas and bags. The company — which has royal warrants and has been making fine leather goods for over 250 years — has a process akin to that of a watch maker, meticulous and precise. Swaine recently produced a video showing the manufacturing techniques at its esteemed Cambridge, England workshops. The video is especially interesting because I love to see how things are made, even if there is creepy music box music playing. Many thanks to the folks at Sweden’s King Magazine who tipped me off to this video.

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.2211134&w=500&h=383&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

The eBay Find | WWII Vintage Goods

Mar 13th, 2009 | Categories: The eBay Find | by Michael Williams

Oh man, file this under smokin’! U.S. Army issue WWII era treasures. I couldn’t wait for these auctions to end before I posted, so the eBay shop Sergeant Tickles (actual name!) will reap the benefits. Not only does Mr. Tickles have excellent goods for sale, the photos are fantastic. Here’s to you vintage military collector man. (Many thanks to Nigel for the tip)


Ace of Base

Mar 13th, 2009 | Categories: Design, Travel | by Michael Williams

To be honest, I haven’t put much thought into my retirement until recently. It wasn’t the stock market’s rally these past couple of days that sparked my interest in a pending “trip into the sunset,” it was my buddy Jay’s trip (livin’ the dream Mr. Carroll, livin’ the dream) to the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. He sent back a whole bunch of photographs of the new design focused hotel — or should I call it a motor lodge? —  that instantly struck me as what I envision my retirement to look like, kitschy, cool and warm. And you know there’s no question as to what brand of beer I’ll be swigging poolside. Why wait for your retirement, book a flight and head to the Ace in the desert. An in-depth look at what’s waiting for you at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club after the jump.


A Call to Arms

Mar 11th, 2009 | Categories: Random | by Michael Williams

Dearest ACL brethren,

It seems the folks at have been holding a popularity contest for “blue-collar beers” and my beloved High Life is trailing both Pabst and Yuengling. All I can say is what the fuck! I’m a High Life man and High Life men don’t take this sort of thing lying down (hmmm, unfortunate idiom there). So head over and cast your vote for the High Life.

Vote here — then go back tomorrow and vote again. Forward to your friends and tell them to join the campaign. (ACL has no affiliation with Miller except when they get me drunk.)


The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit

Mar 11th, 2009 | Categories: LIFE, New York City, Style, Suiting | by Michael Williams

The 1956 movie based on Sloan Wilson’s best seller is one of my all time favorite films. It served as the inspiration for some of my modern day obsessions like Mad Men. There are even some excellent images in Take Ivy that document the same type of Madison Avenue business man from the late 50s early 1960s. Long before we had Thom Browne and Donald Draper there was Mr. Gregory Peck in his gray flannel suit.


Sweden's Fjällräven | AW09 Collection

Mar 10th, 2009 | Categories: Style, Sweden | by Michael Williams

Why not get all of these winter coats out of my system now before spring gets here. Briefly touched on earlier, the fall collection from Sweden’s Fjällräven is, as a good friend says, tasty. Fjällräven — which literally translates to arctic fox — was founded in Sweden in 1950. The company has remained loyal to its roots and many of the designs have been the same since their introduction in 1960′s. Another fun fact that I learned from the company’s U.S. distributor is that it is estimated that 98% of all Swedes have owned Fjällräven at one point or another. That’s a higher percentage than American cell phone ownership (82% c.2007), and just plain astonishing. I have to give the Swedish people credit for their clean and classic fashion sensibilities. They rank up there on ACL’s list of countries (which I just made up in my head) that basically do American better than Americans. Some of my favorite items from the AW09 range below. (Many thanks to my good bud Jay for the tip.)