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LIFE Archive | Hell's Angels c. 1965

Mar 23rd, 2009 | Categories: LIFE, Style | by Michael Williams

These photos could be from ’65 or they could be from last week. I saw so many fully bearded guys wearing 1960s/70s vintage clothes in Austin this past week that one would never be able to differentiate. I’m sure if you ran into these Hell’s Angles on the open road it would be another story all together. Be sure to enlarge all of the photos to get a closer look. In one particular picture — the guy drinking the beer on the sidewalk — he appears to be wearing selvage denim. It amazes me how relevant it is considering today’s style.


Weekend Video | The Rolling Stones

Mar 22nd, 2009 | Categories: Music, Video | by Michael Williams


[vodpod id=Groupvideo.2211099&w=500&h=383&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

ACL Maps | Los Angeles Shopping

Mar 19th, 2009 | Categories: Los Angeles, Service | by Michael Williams

I recently updated the Maps & Intel page with a handy guide to Los Angeles shopping. While the New York map has been on the site for a while, its LA centered counterpart has been long overdue. LA is one of my favorite places to shop and this map is a good starting point for anyone interested in doing their thing, materialistically. Please do send on suggestions and additions, this is only the beginning. Also, many thanks to Meagan for doing a lot of the legwork on the map. LA drinking and dining to follow.

Los Angeles Shopping Map (Men’s):

Classic Cover

Mar 19th, 2009 | Categories: Americana, Sports | by Michael Williams

Nothing makes me feel like winter is over like baseball’s opening day. Each season I like to buy a new cap to wear throughout the summer. Recently I have been buying throwback caps from the Cooperstown Collection. I’m a long suffering Cleveland Indians fan and the franchise has some really classic retro hats to choose from. Styles like the 1978 block “C” version pictured below. You won’t see everyone wearing those throwback styles around the stadium, which is a good thing. This is especially true for me — I hardly see any Indians hats at my stadium in the Bronx.

Cleveland Indians 1978-1985


Texas Bound

Mar 18th, 2009 | Categories: Housekeeping, Music | by Michael Williams

I’m headed down to Texas today for the South by Southwest music festival. It is exciting to get a chance to hang out with friends, see a ton of shows and indulge in the odd alcoholic beverage in one of my favorite cities in America. Posting will continue as scheduled (although anything SXSW related won’t be up until I return next week) so check back for normal updates. Many thanks again to all that helped secure accommodations in Austin.

As always, follow the slightly buzzed photos and words via the ACL Twitter feed.

A few non-SXSW related songs below for your viewing pleasure.

Bon Iver

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.2226941&w=500&h=383&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

A Better Look at E. Tautz AW09

Mar 17th, 2009 | Categories: England, Savile Row, Style | by Michael Williams

In January I covered the re-launch of the storied British label E. Tautz, but it was not until recently that the photos of the clothing became available. The collection is the perfect assemblage of “English clothes,” wonderfully crafted tailored items, knits, shirtings, leather goods and accessories, nearly all of it made in Britain. In fact, the tailored clothing is made by the same cutters at Norton & Sons, Tautz’ parent. I was lucky enough to meet with Norton’s director Mr. Patrick Grant during New York Fashion Week and saw the range first hand. I can attest to the quality and artisanship of the collection. Personally, there hasn’t been a line of clothing this sought-after in a long long while. See images from the AW09 E. Tautz range after the jump and learn more about the AW09 launch here.


Wants & Desires | Barbour Spring Outerwear

Mar 16th, 2009 | Categories: Style | by Michael Williams

The spring Barbour goods are online and there are some choice outerwear items this season. I wear an un-lined Bedale basically all winter long, so I am excited to see a lightweight spring version in the new offerings. I’ll just have to see if I can find someone in the U.K. who will proxy for me. It should also be pointed out that Barbour has updated their website and the improvements are well received. I don’t know another site that offers up such good (read: large) images of the product. Some choice styles from Barbour after the jump.

This blue jacket reminds me of a cross between a baseball coat and a military Barbour.