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The Long Road Home

Jan 30th, 2009 | Categories: Housekeeping | by Michael Williams

I’m making the drive to Cleveland today to see The Black Keys perform at the world famous Agora. The trip is one giant rub on the Keystone State, I-80 west all the way. See you on the other side.

Note, PA Turnpike pictured.

The Hobo Code

Jan 29th, 2009 | Categories: Random | by Michael Williams

File this under random. I have a strange fascination with hobo culture. In fact, two of my very different interests (it should be pointed out that I have a lot of odd diversions), intersected in the first season of Mad Men when a young Dick Whitman (aka Don Draper) meets a hobo man that teaches him a lesson about life. Amazing! Everything you need to know about how to get by as a hobo can be seen below. Given the current economy, this might actually have real world applications.


The House of E. Tautz

Jan 28th, 2009 | Categories: England, London, Savile Row, Style | by Michael Williams

It seems the good people at Norton & Sons are not content with simply running one of the most respected labels in the world. Patrick Grant, the man who resurrected Norton & Sons, emailed this weekend to inform me of the imminent relaunch of the storied E. Tautz house as a ready-to-wear collection. The as yet to be seen collection (by me anyway, buyers and press got the first look this past week in Paris) of men’s clothing and accessories will launch in better stores this coming fall. The range will also be on preview for press and buyers during New York fashion week, so I hope to do a follow-up post once images of the collection are released. It is also worth pointing out that Mr. Grant and co. went to great lengths to produce the line domestically in Britain. As you know, local manufacturing is something we love here at ACL. A brief history of E. Tautz after the jump. The official Tautz site, which is worth a look, can be seen here.


What the Fuck?

Jan 27th, 2009 | Categories: Video | by Michael Williams

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.2016726&w=500&h=383&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

(Via TheFoggyMonocle)

Buy American

Jan 27th, 2009 | Categories: Made in the USA | by Michael Williams

It would be ridiculous to think that everything I own must be made in the states. I understand the concept of a global economy and don’t expect things to go back to 1940. But by the same token, we should not live in a country that doesn’t produce a single thing besides tanks and F14s. The only way that companies are going to choose domestic manufacturing is if the positives outweigh the negatives. Consumer demand is one easy way to offset the expensive labor, lack of suppliers and all of the other factors that compel companies look the other way. With that in mind, the good people at Valet asked me to put together a little “Buy American” piece for their “31 Days” feature. Click through and let Valet break you off some nationalistic knowledge.


London | The Tweed Run

Jan 27th, 2009 | Categories: Bicycles, England, Savile Row, Style | by Michael Williams

What could be better than a big boozie group ride all cloaked in tweed? Leave it to the Brits to have all the fun. This past Saturday a group of fixed gear riders rode from H Huntsman & Sons at 11 Savile Row to the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. Some of action below. (Thanks to Lark About & H. Hovey for the tip)


Is There a Bookie in the House?

Jan 26th, 2009 | Categories: Made in the USA, News | by Michael Williams

What are the odds that the next American President will be inaugurated in an American made suit? As I’m sure you have heard, Mr. Obama’s suit maker, Hartmarx Corp., and it’s subsidiaries filed for Chapter 11 protection this past week. So that leaves, Southwick (which is now owned by Brooks Brothers, who is owned by the Italians), Oxxford, Rocco Ciccarelli, Martin Greenfield and a few others. Hopefully Hartmarx, Hickey Freeman (and our beloved Hickey) will be able to reorganize and pull things back together. Or as WWD reported, maybe Spencer Hays, who owns Oxxford Clothing, will acquire the ailing company. I would hate to see Rochester end up like Wilmington, Ohio.