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Wants & Desires | U.S. Army Field Parka

Dec 23rd, 2008 | Categories: Style, Wants & Desires | by Michael Williams

Where would one ever realistically wear this coat? I’m sure there are some real world applications, but I would be content with simply owning it. Doesn’t really make much sense, but I like the concept and that’s all that matters. The coats pictured are from Japan (natch), but the Southern California based Vintage Trends has some good military deadstock should you want to take your coat ownership game to the next level.


Vintage Gold | Ohio Knitting Mills

Dec 23rd, 2008 | Categories: Americana, Style | by Michael Williams

Ohio Knitting Mills has been pretty widely reported on the blogs, but I couldn’t resist posting something on the Cleveland based operation. The original incarnation of the company was “Founded by Harry Stone in 1928, the Ohio Knitting Mills grew to become one of the country’s largest knitwear producers, and was at the center of Cleveland, Ohio’s thriving garment industry. Three generations of the Stone-Rand family ran the Mill for 76 years, producing knitwear for iconic department stores from Sears to Saks, and revered labels like Pendleton, Van Heusen, and Jack Winter.”


Old Man Winter

Dec 22nd, 2008 | Categories: Video | by Michael Williams

If you are on the East Coast, you know it is a cold one out there today. I thought of these two Errol Morris Miller High Life ads this morning and figured I might as well post them up. Stay warm out there, and don’t forget to live the High Life.

Alternative fuels, man power!

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.1888618&w=500&h=385&]

Keep those tall blonds cold!

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.1888651&w=500&h=385&]

LIFE Archive | The Pacific Theater in Color (Part II)

Dec 20th, 2008 | Categories: Americana, LIFE | by Michael Williams

The second installment of Pacific Theater images from the LIFE archive. Be sure to click on the images to see the details. The shots of the fighters over the ocean really blew me away. I came across a lot of images of “deck scenes,” showing the solders en route to their next engagement. It looked hot and boring, not to mention nerve-racking. Part I can be seen here.


Just the Facts Please

Dec 19th, 2008 | Categories: Japan, Magazines, Style | by Michael Williams

I like the way the magazines work in Japan. The focus is generally on still-life product pages and not on cluttering up the layout with pesky stories. I had a chance to make it to the bookstore and pick up some new magazines from Japan. Since I am feeling crunchy these days, I really enjoyed the outdoor product pages in GO OUT. A lot of The American List brands are represented throughout the book. Enjoy!


Wants & Desires | Amaort Boots

Dec 17th, 2008 | Categories: Footwear, Japan, Style | by Michael Williams

These Amaort boots would have come in handy yesterday as I attempted to navigate the sloppy, slushy New York night with my friend Johnnie Walker. Amaort is another one of those Japanese companies just doing its thing, turning out great looking boots without a care in the world. I would wear these with jeans or with a nice tweed suit from Freeman’s. As long as they are warm, they could be deployed all winter long.


The Interview | Baxter of California

Dec 17th, 2008 | Categories: Grooming, The Interview | by Michael Williams

Grooming is a topic that doesn’t get a lot of play around these parts. A few weeks ago the Morning Regimen post elicited a terrific, yet unexpected discussion on shaving. Working to focus more on the subject, I thought it prudent to highlight one of my most-liked skincare and shaving brands, Baxter of California. The company was founded out of necessity (and a void in the men’s skincare market), by Baxter Finley in 1966 becoming the first American men’s grooming company. Fast forward to the year two-thousand when Mr. Finley — who was looking to retire — placed the controls in the capable hands of his family friend and neighbor Jean-Pierre Mastey. Since taking over Jean-Pierre has done an excellent job of streamlining and re-positioning the brand and it now sits as one of the premier players in the space. I had a chance to talk to Mr. Mastey and shed some light on the good things happening at Baxter. Read our Q&A after the jump…