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Flickr Find | Oyster Bar

Dec 2nd, 2008 | Categories: Flickr Find | by Michael Williams

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The Oyster Bar in Grand Central is one of my all time favorite things about New York. The restaurant has been serving seafood — there under the train station — since Woodrow Wilson was in office. Having a solo lunch (including one or two bottles of Brooklyn Lager) at the midtown spot is one of my most treasured and sacred rituals.





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12 Comments to “Flickr Find | Oyster Bar”

  1. r
    on Dec 2nd, 2008
    @ 5:34 PM

    I can’t think too seriously about oysters for lunch since watching Sterling’s projectile scene in Mad Men season one. Fish n’ Chips sounds good right now however.

  2. Michael Williams
    on Dec 2nd, 2008
    @ 5:35 PM

    Just don’t climb any stairs after!


  3. david g.
    on Dec 2nd, 2008
    @ 6:52 PM

    I’ve never eaten at the Oyster Bar, but I’ve been to Grand Central plenty. Here’s a little trick: find a friend and go to that area shown in the second to last photo (the black and white one). It’s a square-shaped area covered by a vaulted ceiling. Have your friend stand facing the corner with his or her nose almost touching that corner. Now you do the same thing at the corner on the opposite side. Now, you can speak in a quiet voice into the corner and your friend will hear you as if you were standing right next to them. It’s awesome. I hit on a stranger I met on the train by doing this.

  4. Joshua
    on Dec 2nd, 2008
    @ 8:56 PM

    100% going to visit this spot on my next visit – thanks!

  5. Tintin
    on Dec 3rd, 2008
    @ 2:52 PM

    I love the Oyster Bar. There’s a real patina of time and history not to mention the great food and cold beer. Great photos.

  6. don weir
    on Dec 3rd, 2008
    @ 3:12 PM

    perfect. makes me miss nyc.

  7. joanna goddard
    on Dec 3rd, 2008
    @ 3:37 PM

    these photos are beautiful. they look so grand!

  8. Veronika
    on Dec 3rd, 2008
    @ 10:55 PM

    I can’t wait to go there!

  9. Michael Williams
    on Dec 4th, 2008
    @ 10:44 AM

    Just a note on comments. I try to make commenting as open as possible, I do not hold comments for approval. Feel free to disagree with my posts, but if you comment under a bogus email address I will moderate it out. I will not ever use your email address or spam you.


  10. Michael
    on Dec 4th, 2008
    @ 12:54 PM

    I love to hit the Oyster Bar for the fried oyster Po’boy and the lobster bisque, both excellent lunch deals. This place plus the Campbell Apartment makes Grand Central one of NY’s premiere destinations for reliving the old New York lore.

  11. abh1wordpress
    on Dec 4th, 2008
    @ 3:59 PM

    Here is a great 1963 review of the Oyster Bar which appeared in Gourmet:

  12. {this is glamorous}
    on Dec 5th, 2008
    @ 11:47 AM

    Oh! One of my favourite places in NYC as well — so much history with such a cool vibe. Mixed with oysters and a little champagne, well it’s downright romantic!