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Street Scene | Project Las Vegas

Aug 29th, 2008 | Categories: Las Vegas, Street Style | by Michael Williams

The Project trade show is one of the few times of the year that any sort of good style descends upon Las Vegas. In between appointments, I managed to get a few good street style photos from some of the cooler gentlemen at the show. Not trying to be any sort of Sartorialist or anything, just wanted to share the scene with those of you not in the (sometimes brutal) business of fashion trade shows.

Alberto and Mordechai from Men’s Vogue

Living the High Life in Las Vegas

Aug 25th, 2008 | Categories: Style | by Michael Williams

My day job has brought me to Las Vegas for the Project trade show. I flew out a few days early for some R&R by the pool. I even went to extraordinary measures (shipping a case of Barritts Ginger Beer FedEx from NYC) to indulge in Dark ‘N’ Stormys. I have a lot of research planned for the show, but posting will be intermittent over the next few days. Please standby.

Dark ‘N’ Stormy supplies.

The champagne of beers.

ACL Love from Details

Aug 25th, 2008 | Categories: Housekeeping | by Michael Williams

My apologies for the shameless self promotion, but I thought it was worth pointing out that Details did a little Q&A with yours truly. Many thanks to the people at Details for the love and to all of you for the support. These past eight months of A Continuous Lean have been amazing and I only see more good things to come.

ACL on Details


Aug 22nd, 2008 | Categories: Linkage | by Michael Williams

Photo: My mother and I try to decide what not to order at Abbott’s in Noank, CT.
  • My kind of argument — a lobster roll debate | [At First Bite] [World's Best Pictured]
  • Mr. Macko’s Materials documents the skinny tie and a retrofitting of the tie bar | [DETAILS]
  • Are those Gingham sunglasses? Freaking amazing! | [HIGHSNOBIETY]
  • File this under “what the fuck!” Man steals over 2800 bikes. Dick! | [New York Times]
  • If you haven’t been to Exit Lines recently you are missing out | [Exit Lines]

Gant x The Sartorialist

Aug 22nd, 2008 | Categories: Men's wear, New York City, Style | by Michael Williams

Gant, the preppy purveyor of American style, teamed up with Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist to produce a sort of look-book-meets-street-style photo spread of fashionable New Yorkers. The ten well edited participants each choose pieces from the autumn Gant collection to compliment their personal style. Then Mr. Schuman went to work, and the results are just as wonderful as one would expect. The New Haven founded and Swedish owned (or is it French owned now?) Gant seems to have the magic touch these days, wildly successful partnerships, great products and smart marketing. Well played Gant, well played.

Gant x The Sartorialist micro-site

Below: Luke Forbes, actor by trade, would fit right in at Glastonbury.

A More Detailed Look at the J. Crew Liquor Store

Aug 21st, 2008 | Categories: Men's wear, New York City, Style | by Michael Williams

It’s official, the new J. Crew is open and it has generated lots of buzz. I thought I would follow up my previous post with some better images of the space for all of the people who live outside of NYC and can’t just pop in to check everything out first hand. All photos are courtesy of J. Crew and the talented photographer Brian Berman.

1958 Newport Jazz Festival

Aug 21st, 2008 | Categories: Mad Men, Magazines, Style, Video | by Michael Williams

A week or so ago I was graciously invited to The Trad’s apartment for cocktails. Upon my arrival a Dark ‘N’ Stormy was immediately handed to me and I was ushered to sit and chat in the living room. The Trad, being the tasteful gentleman that he is, was watching Bert Stern’s classic 1959 documentary Jazz on a Summer’s Day. Having never seen the movie before, I was completely taken by what was on the screen. A few days later the film would be the subject of my first post on the Men’s Vogue Index blog. The story can be seen here: ACL on Men’s Vogue

Many thanks to The Trad for the drinks and the inspiration. Below: Still images from the film.