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Jun 18th, 2008 | Categories: Linkage | by Michael Williams

  • The unveiling of the AW08 Engineered Garments collection. Fall can’t be here soon enough. | [Selectism] [Pictured]
  • Hours and hours of fun with the fine, bicycle loving people of Copenhagen | [Copenhagencyclechic]
  • A look at the new and promising collection Conference of Birds from stylist-cum-designer Andrew Holden | [Kempt]
  • John’s Roast Pork: the ultimate Philly cheesesteak | [Men's Vogue]
  • Here, suffer through some more pictures and a video of Gisele | [GQ]

Lark & Wolff in the Wild

Jun 17th, 2008 | Categories: New York City, Preppy, Retail, Style | by Michael Williams

The new Steven Alan for Urban Outfitters collection Lark & Wolff — you know the one that isn’t supposed to be available until around July 4th — is currently available at the NoHo Urban Outfitters on Broadway. The collection looks good and I even picked up two button-down shirts for $58 each. The UO people have the preppy offerings merchandised with chinos, skinny ties, Bass Weejuns and other appropriate items. I have to say that I liked the wovens and you could definitely see the Steven Alan touch in everything. The store didn’t seem to have the entire collection, just a small collection of men’s and women’s from what I saw.

There Are No Words.

Jun 17th, 2008 | Categories: Magazines | by Michael Williams

GQ continues its campaign of shock and awe with the July cover. Never in my life have I wanted to be a pair of socks more than right now. More good stuff to come from the issue.

Mad Men | The Second Coming

Jun 17th, 2008 | Categories: Mad Men, New York City, TV | by Michael Williams

A screening was held last night at the Museum of Modern Art for season two of Mad Men. The much anticipated second season of the show is set to air a little less than five weeks from now on July 27th (mark your calendars) and I couldn’t be more excited to see team Sterling Cooper back in action.

Ms. January Jones

Reader Mail | Keychains

Jun 17th, 2008 | Categories: Reader Mail, Style | by Michael Williams

Reader Mail seeks to answer life’s sartorial curiosities and other perplexing material issues.

Dear ACL,

What is a gentleman to do with his keys? I have two different keys for the home, two more for work, a car key, and a key to the bicycle lock. I have always kept them on a carabiner, but if they escape my back pocket, the resulting noises are akin to a janitorial mating call. I’m afraid that a gentleman ought to have a better solution than a carabiner, particularly for occasions requiring more formal attire. Any insight?

David — Stanford, CA

Great question, thanks for writing in. It is the little things, like keychains, that will stylishly distinguish you from your contemporaries and that can elicit the quiet victory of “where’d you get that keychain?”

Hats & Neckties on CBS Sunday Morning.

Jun 16th, 2008 | Categories: Americana, Men's wear, New York City, Style, TV, Video | by Michael Williams

One of my favorite weekend past times is watching CBS Sunday Morning. The program tends to have an eye for classic style and covers lots of old school Americana. With two great stories for men, this weekend’s episode did not disappoint. First came a history of men’s hats, which I found to be extremely interesting. Later was an opinion piece from Ben Stein about the previously discussed demise of the necktie.

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Jun 16th, 2008 | Categories: Linkage | by Michael Williams

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  • Slip ‘n Slide rain delay…the Texas Rangers are kids at heart. [YouTube] [Pictured]
  • A helpful guide to oysters, steak, cheese, chocolate and all sorts of other gastro-goodies | [Portfolio]
  • The hilarious art of “photo bombing” | [Gawker]
  • Said the Times (UK) of a new gentlemen only spa in Mayfair “Gentlemen’s Tonic looks like the barber shop that would have been built into the Death Star.” Enough said! | [Times UK]
  • Adam Platt does it BBQ style at two new Manhattan rub & smoke joints | [New York Magazine]
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