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The Vanity Fair Summer Guide

Jun 30th, 2008 | Categories: New York City | by Michael Williams

Summer has barely begun, which means there is still a lot of day drinking and roofdeck debauchery to be had. The good folks at Vanity Fair are looking out for your best interests with their handy little Summer Guide. Included are all sorts of helpful suggestions for outdoor dining, drinking, concerts and events. So you have no excuse to not be drunk at 7pm on one of Manhattan’s chic roofdeck drinking spots.

Vanity Fair Summer Guide (PDF)

The Salon de Ning at the Peninsula Hotel. [Photo via UrbanDaddy]

What Comes Around Goes Around

Jun 30th, 2008 | Categories: Men's wear, New York City, Retail, Style | by Michael Williams

Seth Weisser & Gerard Maione — the gentlemen behind the New York based clothing company What Comes Around Goes Around — know a cool piece of clothing when they see it. When I stopped by the company’s sprawling TriBeCa office a few weeks ago, Seth and Gerard were giddy over a score of vintage Levis XX jeans acquired from real-life ranchers in Colorado. The decades old denim was strewn across the worn wooden floor of the two founders shared private office. “What makes these jeans special is the fact that the leather patches are still intact” said Seth Weisser. “You rarely see them with the patches still on the waistbands. Usually [the patch] will have deteriorated and fallen off from the years of wear,” he added while inspecting the cache of vintage jeans.

A hunting themed selection of vintage clothing from What Comes Around Goes Around.


Jun 30th, 2008 | Categories: Linkage | by Michael Williams

  • Illegal LA: Vice takes an in-depth look at immigration in Los Angeles | []
  • A preview of the Woolrich Woolen Mills SS09 collection from Pitti | [Selectism] [Pictured]
  • The IHT takes a look at Tom Ford’s humble little store in Milan | [The Cut]
  • No details! Richard Branson runs a $25B company and doesn’t know the difference between gross and net — my kind of guy | [TED]
  • Mr. Michael Macko blogs the men’s shows | [Fashion Week Daily] [Day 4, 3, 2, 1]

Weekend Video | Amanda Brooks on Ties

Jun 28th, 2008 | Categories: Video | by Michael Williams

Men’s Vogue contributing editor and In Her Eyes blogger Amanda Brooks appeared on CBS The Early Show this past Friday to discuss neckties. You have to hand it to Ms. Brooks and Men’s Vogue for putting together a style based morning show fashion segment that is actually interesting to watch. Most often I find myself wincing and switching channels as the banter turns ridiculous. Not the case here, I found Amanda’s thoughts to be interesting and informative, plus she isn’t bad on the eyes.

YouTube Preview Image

Woman of the Hour | Selma Blair

Jun 26th, 2008 | Categories: Woman of the Hour | by Michael Williams

I’m a big fan of that Selma Blair. She is nice to look at and her style has such a frenetic pace you never know what to expect from her. She walks the line of hipster while still looking great in a dress. Plus, I love girls that can pull off short hair.

On Aesthetics | Condensed Fonts

Jun 26th, 2008 | Categories: On Aesthetics | by Michael Williams

On Aesthetics is a look at the details of design and the things around us. The first installment is by Mr. Benjamin Ferencz who divides his professional time between running The Design Cooperative and building some pretty awesome bicycles for his company Freeman Transport.

There was a time when I lived in New York that I wore Helmut Lang shirts almost exclusively while he was still at the helm. Having relocated to Montana I was on the hunt for a more casual shirt with a similar narrow cut but with a soft collar. While shopping at Odin on a business trip I found my new perfect shirt made by Mr. Robert Geller. The perfect complement to my dressier Lang shirts. I bought three. I tend to do this in my old age of 32. Before I put the shirts in the closet I did my usual inspection of tags and labels and noticed the beautiful type chosen by Geller. Familiar.

I grabbed a Lang shirt, very similar. No icon used, just the unique letter shapes to create a distinguished mark while evoking a slender spirit. Both chose a condensed face to represent them. I starting thinking. This narrow typeface matched the cut of the designers clothing. Then it started to occur to me that some of my other favorite brands were also feelin the condensed vibe. Tim Hamilton even went so far as to say Futura condensed was a momentary style obsession. Band of Outsiders, condensed. Engineered Garments, condensed, Thom Browne, condensed. And so I sign off by saying keep it on the straight and narrow please.


Jun 26th, 2008 | Categories: Linkage | by Michael Williams

  • Oh LA. Photographer Andrew Bush spent eight years taking some pretty awesome pictures of people driving around Southern California | [Andrew Bush via Boing Boing]
  • The NY Rangers the best dressed team in sports? I can think of one or two more stylish crews | [New York Post]
  • Gonzo! Alex Gibney, Graydon Carter & Jann Wenner stop by Charlie Rose to talk Hunter S. Thompson | [Charlie Rose] [Pictured]
  • Does it get better than a pair of canvas swim trunks with wooden buttons? | [Refinery29 Pipeline]
  • DETAILS put together an amazing set of backstage photos — good thing because runway pictures scare me | [DETAILS]
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