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Spring Sale | Jack Spade

Mar 27th, 2008 | Categories: Sales | by Michael Williams

Mr. Mort wrote today to inform me of the Jack Spade spring sale. It is a perfect excuse to get one of those new “dipped” tote bags. Flyer below:


Click the picture below, print and present at Jack Spade Greene Street or Newbury Street stores.


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Mad Men: Men's Vogue vs. Details.

Mar 27th, 2008 | Categories: Mad Men, Media, Men's wear, Style, Suiting, TV | by Michael Williams

mm.pngEveryone must be dying to see the new season of Mad Men. There are multiple Mad Men references in the April men’s mags and the show isn’t even doing its press assault for season two (schedule to begin airing this summer). I know for a fact that the cast is being shot for at least one major magazine, due out later this year. Do you know who is going to be the biggest benefactor? Michael Kors. Once the fall books start coming out (September issues hit newsstands in August, the same time the show starts up again) you will see the Mad Men inspired Michael Kors AW08 collection everywhere – it is going to be a PR perfect storm.

A-Rod vs Seacrest! Mad Men references for April.


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Introducing ACL Maps.

Mar 26th, 2008 | Categories: Men's Stores, New York City, Service, Technology | by Michael Williams

I put together two Google Maps for the ACL faithful. One is a men’s shopping guide, and the other is a reference to where to drink and dine in the city. The restaurant/bar map is an adaptation of a friend’s very well made map of the same subject. I owe many of the well researched listings to him. The maps will live in the aptly named “Maps” section of the sidebar on the right. Your suggestions for additions are much encouraged and appreciated.

[Shopping Map]

[Where to drink and dine in NYC]


Sartorial Radio.

Mar 26th, 2008 | Categories: Made in the USA, Media, Men's wear, New York City, Philadelphia, Style, Suiting | by Michael Williams

boo.jpgDid you ever think you would hear Band of Outsiders on public radio? Kurt Andersen (who bought his first tuxedo for Harvard Lampoon dinners) followed WHYY’s Jonathan Menjivar for the public radio show Studio 360 to be fitted for his first ever suit. After unsuccessfully trying the off-the-rack options at the Macy’s mens store, Menjivar hooked up with Scott Sternberg of Band of Outsiders for a much more stylish option. The journey takes them to the venerable (and now very fashionable) Martin Greenfield Clothiers in Brooklyn to be expertly fitted. The result is sartorial radio at its best. I loved when style expert Russell Smith quipped, “The shorter jacket is starting to look a little bit like a school boy outfit, this is an unfortunate look if you are portly”.

Audio here:


Further Reading:

Jonathan Menjivar on Studio 360

Russell Smith: Men’s Style: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Dress

The Rusty Knot.

Mar 25th, 2008 | Categories: Design, Drinking, Media, New York City | by Michael Williams


Last night, wincing and expecting a crush of humanity, a friend and I went to the much talked about Rusty Knot (425 West St., at 11th St.; 212-645-5668). What we found when we arrived was pleasant (granted we went fairly early and on a Monday) and accommodating. No huge crowds, no bridge and tunnel. I suspect everyone in the bar was a blogger of some sort. At least from the quantity of coverage the “dive bar” has been receiving, that would be a logical assumption. We quickly managed to score one of the wooden booths (faux wood carvings and all) and got to work on some very well made Dark N’ Stormys served in tiki glasses. The menu was limited, but very well done. Being from Cleveland, I have been in my fair share of dive bars. Places that have a happy hour at 6am (for the third shift factory people) and a good jukebox. The Rusty Knot is the Manhattan interpretation of that – like Disney World Pittsburgh – with more of a nautical theme and appealing to the upwardly mobile.

Skinny Ties c.1954.

Mar 25th, 2008 | Categories: Americana, Style | by Michael Williams

I have become obsessed with the “100-Year-Old Photo Blog” called Shorpy. They have a truly remarkable collection of beautiful Americana on film. Below are some of my favorites. If you click on the photo, you can enlarge to hi-res to get a closer look. You can also order a variety of prints from the archive through the Shorpy site – should you desire. If you were wondering, the web site’s name comes from a 14 year old Alabama boy named Shorpy Higginbotham. Natch.


“Yale-Colgate Football.” New Haven, Oct. 23, 1954, with Ralph, Dan and Richie, a few months after Richie (standing) graduated from Colgate U.

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Firearms Training as a Social Outlet.

Mar 24th, 2008 | Categories: Americana, Las Vegas | by Michael Williams

Vice Broadcasting System continues to shock and awe with their programming. In the new episode of “Americana” they head to Pahrump, Nevada (which in addition to being very gun friendly, is also home to more than a few brothels) to do some tactical firearms training. What a great bachelor party idea, head to Vegas then to Front Sight for some fun with guns. I’m kidding – sort of.

[brightcove exp=452319916&vid=1460774120]

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