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Olch for The Moment.

Feb 18th, 2008 | Categories: Design, Media, New York City, Style | by Michael Williams

This week’s guest blogger on The Moment is none other than Alexander Olch (full disclosure, Olch is a client). Today’s post can be found here.


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Men's Vogue | Movies With Style.

Feb 18th, 2008 | Categories: Magazines, Media, Movies, Style | by Michael Williams

The guys over at Men’s Vogue put together an amazing feature on movies that influenced men’s fashion. You can see the entire story here.

Some of my favorites below:

Plein Soliel (1960)
The Graduate (1967)

Something Old and Something New.

Feb 17th, 2008 | Categories: Americana, Style | by Michael Williams

I’m against bags for men. The only real exception is utility. You are a guy and you have pockets, that should work in nearly all occasions. If you have a lot of things you need to move from one place to another – you can use a bag. If you have a laptop, that works too. All is right in the world. Now with that being said I must confess, I own far too many bags. My brain likes me to compartmentalize things and bags help with that. While I was working and wandering around Project last week I ended up carrying a bag most of the time. It started innocently, I woke up the first day hungover so I grabbed my bag with everything in it and left. It had all of my essentials for the show, business cards, pen, notepad, camera, sunglasses. It was perfect and I ended up carrying it every day while I was there. All was right in the world.

Brands like L.L. Bean and Filson dominate the landscape these days. I see all sorts of guys carrying them (often it’s full-on bankers in suits). Another classic Made-in-America brand is Klein Tools. Founded in 1857, Klein Tools started out making tools for the growing “communications industry” in Chicago. Over the years the family owned business has branched out into a full-fledged tool company. It still caters to electricians and guys who work for the phone company and the company’s logo still features a workman on a pole. Klein Tools bags are authentic and cool. The model number is printed in plain sight right on the front of each bag for no reason other than pure utility.

My Klein Tools 5139 bag re-purposed for Project.


The Classic 5102-16.


Project Compulsion | GANT.

Feb 15th, 2008 | Categories: Preppy, Project, Style, Suiting | by Michael Williams

No brand has reincarnated itself better than the preppy New Haven born GANT. In the past few years they have shaped and polished themselves into a very stylish and smart collection. A few seasons ago, they collaborated with Jeffery Kalinsky on a small offering of shirts that has since become a full collection of suiting, outerwear and of course the GANT mainstay – woven shirts.

Shirts from the GANT Rugger collection.

Launching for AW08, the new GANT Created by Jeffrey collection features detailing that is quirky and cool. They used their signature oxford-cloth to tip the pockets and for piping in the trousers. The line looks just like what Jeffrey himself likes to wear. Classic pieces that will remain stylish for years to come. GANT has done something unique by taking a small collaboration with a selection of shirts and turned it into a commercially successful brand extension aimed at a wider, yet very fashionable market. Well done.

Swiss Banking in Las Vegas.

Feb 15th, 2008 | Categories: Las Vegas, Service | by Michael Williams

Las Vegas never fails to amuse me with its outdoor advertising. I remember on one of my first visits in the nineties seeing the signs for the 1-800-DNA-Test companies that help you figure out who fathered your child. Ridiculous. The trend continues with the amazing – Las Vegas style Swiss banking vaults. These Private Vaults help secure your stacks of cash and keep your wife/ex-wife/future wife or the federal government at bay. Supposedly the company uses retina scanning to keep you free from pesky record keeping. My question is, what happens when the “ultimate protection” decides to leave town in the middle of the night? I suppose that would be a typical result for Vegas, going home without your money…


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Standby | Project Las Vegas.

Feb 13th, 2008 | Categories: Las Vegas, Style | by Michael Williams

I am out in Las Vegas for the Project trade show. I have a lot of great posts coming soon. Please standby. lvsignf.gif

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Thank You for the Support | A.C.L. Linkage.

Feb 9th, 2008 | Categories: Style, Technology | by Michael Williams

Many thanks to Men’s Vogue and The Moment for being the first sites to add A.C.L. to its blogroll.

the-moment.png mv.png

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