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Free & Easy | Mid-Century American Office Design via Japan.

Jan 25th, 2008 | Categories: Americana, Brooklyn, Design, Mid-Century Modern | by Michael Williams

Until recently I was not much of a fan of Mid-Century Modern design. The irony of my newfound-interest in throwback American office furniture is the source – a Japanese magazine called Free & Easy. The book is essentially a How-To guide to live like a preppy American guy. They go so far as to break down every material thing you would need to live “the lifestyle”. Watches, umbrellas, cars, suits, accessories and even dogs! All of it is distinctly East Coast preppy Americana. The Japanese have become in many ways, the holder of the key to many parts of the classic 21st century American lifestyle. Case in point, this Japanese blog devoted to Dazor and other vintage lighting. I see the trend mostly as a positive, the Japanese have become a sort of library of classic American brands and traditions. More on that later.

Free & Easy Cover

There are some great resources all over the U.S. that sell Tanker desks, Dazor lamps, McDowell-Craig (M&C) chairs. Places like Retro Office in LA, Two Jakes in Wiliamsburg and City Foundry on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. Below is one of the great still life pages from an issue of Free & Easy.


You can also get great finds on eBay, like this great Dazor desk lamp that I recently snagged for $110.


Check out the classic Americana on the set of Law & Order…



You can get Free & Easy at the Japanese bookstore Kinokuniya at Rockefeller Center.

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